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PR Products

All these products aren’t free and I want to make sure I keep you updated on what is hot and new in the shooting and beauty worlds. The vast majority of the products I discuss were purchased by me using my (or Mr. SiL’s) money. However, brands or merchants may provide me with products for my use and potential review. I will disclose to you when this is the case. Please know this will never influence my opinion and I will not accept products or services if I am not allowed to tell you what I really think.

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It hasn’t happened yet, but I may, in the future, partner with a brand, merchant, or service provider to bring you sponsored content. This means I will be compensated for writing it. I anticipate this will be rare and I will make it extremely clear when this is the case. As with PR products, I will not partner with anyone whose product or service I do not wholeheartedly support and love.

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