About Me

Hi, I’m Erin. Many moons ago in a far away land called Georgia I was born in a cabbage patch under a full moon. Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to hide from the fact that I was born in a boring old hospital.

I eventually made my way from small town Georgia to the big cities in the Northeastern United States with many adventures in between. I’ve been a student of music and a performer, studying makeup and its effects on the aesthetics of the performance carefully. I once shared a stage with then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon (who referred to ME as Madame Secretary-General), I’ve advised some of the most powerful people in the world, advocated for causes I find important, and have lived to tell the tale.

In my 4th or 5th life, I met my soul mate. We grew up far far away from each other but bonded over the simple things in life, like folk music and firearms. As we grew closer and eventually got married, our shared love of shooting grew. Eventually, we decided to up the ante and start competing.

As time went on and we made a life together, firearms and learning about them became a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Makeup and skincare have always been a big part of mine as I grew up in the theatre. I love colors, glitter, Asian Beauty, unique products, and all kinds of makeup looks (from other the top to “your skin but better’).

I still live in the Northeast, splitting my time between the Big City and the Burbs.  I am married to Mr. SiL and I am the proud step-mother of 3 and dog mother of two toy poodles.  By day I work in a field that has almost nothing to do with shooting or lipstick.  I am an avid knitter and binger of television shows on Hulu and Netflix.

About Shooting In Lipstick

Shooting In Lipstick was born over dinner at a very fancy steakhouse after a day at the Gun Show.  I was lamenting to Mr. SiL that there aren’t enough resources for women like me who like to shoot but also love traditionally lady things like lipstick.  There may have also been some light fun poking at the trend of making so many Tiffany blue firearms.  I just wanted a resource to find true and honest advice and reviews on things I love.  And I wanted a community to empower women to truly own themselves in the shooting sports. Most importantly, I yearned to create a community for women to read about what THEY care about and to feel like its ok to be themselves. A place where it is not only acceptable to love Chanel skin care and also enjoy target practice, it is welcomed and celebrated.

Mr. SiL suggested I make the community myself and the Shooting In Lipstick was born.

I hope you’ll feel comfortable enough here to discuss your thoughts with me and other readers.