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Fashionable Hair Accessories For the Range and Beyond – Lilla Rose

In other posts I have mentioned the importance of cover. I wear a hat each and every time I go to the range. It helps frame my shot and keeps the sun off my face and out of my eyes.

There are two issues with the standard baseball cap I wear. The first is it doesn’t work for everyone. Some people don’t like having the brim over their eyes and others find it gets in the way of scopes, red dots, and sometimes even iron sights. You can’t (or rather, you really shouldn’t) shoot with hair in your eyes, however. If you don’t have hair long enough for a ponytail, this isn’t your preferred style, or your hair is too heavy to wear up in a tight hair tie all day, you’ll need something to hold your hair out of your face while you shoot.

The other issue is hat hair. After wearing a baseball cap all day, my hair often looks frightening when I remove it. One of my favorite things to enjoy with friends and Mr. SiL is dinner after a match. I can’t look silly at a restaurant. And wearing my hat to a restaurant is something my mother taught me to avoid. I’m forever trying to find ways to keep my hair looking good after I remove my hat.

When my friend Divya offered me the chance to try out a hairband by Lilla Rose, I was very excited. I chose a neutral toned leather version to try out. I was excited to try it on when it arrived. When I did, I was impressed with what I saw. The hairband is well made and very cute. It has an adjustable strap that runs along the nape under your hair and it comes in 3 shades (blonde, black, and brown). Mine is brown and works well with my dark purple/red hair.

photo shows the Lilla Rose Arela headband
Lilla Rose Arela – Photo Credit

The Arela Headband

It turns out the hairband I picked is called Arela. It is a light gold colored suede leather braid about one half inch wide. The braid has a ring on each end, allowing it to attach to the elastic using a small lobster clasp on each end of the elastic band. The braid itself is 16 inches long, and the elastics come in two lengths: a standard size that adds 4-6.5 inches and a long version that adds from 5.25 to 10 inches. I have a pretty small head so the standard size works for me.

The hairband fits very comfortably and I had no issues arranging my hair in a flattering style around it. The night I received the Arela headband, I wore it around the house. Sometimes headbands dig in behind my ears and give me a headache. Therefore, I wanted to try it out to make sure I wasn’t headed to headache city at the range. This one doesn’t give me any issues, however.

After my test run around the house, I decided to take my headband for a spin at a range day. I wore it to shoot 3 Gun, which is a long day of shooting. I really like how it looks on me.

Photo is of Erin wearing the Lilla Rose headband
Category is: 3 Gun Glamour!

Range Day Wear Test

I like the way the hairband fits and holds my hair our of my eyes. My hair is barely chin length, but the Lilla Rose hairband doesn’t cause the back of my hair to bunch up as some circular headbands do. Once I started shooting, I put on my baseball cap over it. I wore the hairband for about 10 hours all in. My hair was still in place when I took my hat off hours later. In fact, I simply combed my fingers through the back of my hair to restore it to a presentable condition. Indeed, if I hadn’t been dirty, sweaty, exhausted, and furious with myself I could have easily faced the public.

This will be a great solution for you if you don’t like wearing a hat to shoot. It will definitely keep your hair out of your face and you’ll look great wearing it. Lilla Rose offers several styles of the hairband, including a really pretty star one for Independence Day. The Lilla Rose hairbands retail for $24.

Other Hair Control Options By Lilla Rose

Beyond the excellent hairbands, Lilla Rose makes several other options for securing your tresses and making sure your hair isn’t in your eyes when you need them focuses on the target. My other favorites are the bobbies, but those with longer hair will also like the hair clips and sticks.

Lilla Rose hair accessories are great for anyone who has an active lifestyle and wants to look cute but keep their sorted. If, like me, you are growing your hair, the hairbands and bobbies are a life saver. On the other side of the equation, if you have very long hair, these are fantastic to get your hair up and out of the way.

If you’d like to grab some awesome accessories yourself, go to Divya’s shop here.

One Final Observation

The only drawback to wearing this cute hairband is my roots were really showing. Because your hair will be part or your part will be prominent, this is something to consider. I need to get myself to a salon soon!