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MTM Case Gard – Tactical Tool Tuesday

On Tactical Tool Tuesday I will share with you a tool aimed at improving your life as a Woman Who Shoots. I’ll always give you my honest opinion, regardless of how I obtain the item. If you know of something you’d like me to review or discuss, please drop me a line or leave a comment below. Today’s tactical tool is the MTM Case Gard.

Most firearms enthusiasts use ammo cans for everything. In my house, we have all manner of things stored in the from makeup and jewelry to important documents. They are handy, portable, spacious, and easy to stack and put away. I could make suggestions of things to store in an ammo case. I could write an entire post alone of using metal ammo cans as a faraday cage in a pinch.

But today I am going to tell you about my favorite ammo can for the range, the MTM Case Gard.

image shows a closed MTM Case Gard  ammo can
Stackable & portable!

Why The MTM Case Gard

We have several models of the Case Gard and I really like them all. However, my absolute favorite is similar to the MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate. I can’t seem to find my exact model online anymore. It could be they have upgraded since I bought it. But the ACR7-18 is almost identical.

Because this is a bigger ammo can, I like that the MTM Case Gard has handles on the side instead of the top. This allows me to carry it easily with two hands. Since it is big and holds a ton, it is usually HEAVY and having the sturdy side handles means even I can carry it around. The material is tough but very light, another positive as ammo is heavy. It is also flat on the top, which means it stacks easily and can be used as a table of sorts for reloading magazines, balancing a drink, etc.

I like to use it for traveling too. When we load up the car to head on a long road trip, something we often do, we like to load up things we want to protect into the MTM Case Gard because it can easily be locked using either of the two padlock tabs. Also, if packing the car is a complex game of tetris, as it can be for us, the flat top of the case make it easy to make it fit.

There are tons of ammo cans on the market and you can’t really go wrong with most of them. This just happens to have the best design and features, in my opinion.

What do I Put In the MTM Case Gard?

Believe it or not, I use it mostly for ammo. As you can see in the photo below, I like to keep the ammo we take for a match, the UpLulas and my McFadden Cliploader, and eyes & ears. The latter I keep there because it is convenient to grab them out of the ammo can when we get to the range. I like keeping ammo separate because I can then take my firearms to a safe table and not worry that I am keeping ammo in the same bag.

Honestly, though, the MTM Case Gard we use is so useful and cavernous in size you could use it for almost anything from your lunch to a tool kit. Actually, you could probably fit both in here.

image shows open MTM Case Gard ammo can
This was taken after a match. Before one, we have about double the amount of stuff in our Case Gard.

Hit Me With the Drawbacks

If you are looking for a small ammo can this isn’t the best option for you. If you want a metal ammo can, this is not the best choice. It also doesn’t have a handle on the top, which some people prefer. If you want an ammo can in a flashy color, you’ll have to paint it (which might be fun).

Otherwise, this is a great tool and one we use every time we go to the range.