An Unintended Pause

Hello all,

This is just a quick note to explain the sudden and, until now, unexplained hiatus from Shooting In Lipstick.

It began with a technical glitch that took Mr. SIL hours of arguing and remaining on hold over. This resulted in several days of us having no access to edit the site. So I had posts ready for you, I just couldn’t post them.

As soon as that was fixed, on the same day as a matter of fact, I had an accident. I lost a battle with a exploding pickle jar and found myself in surgery within hours to repair a flexor tendon in my left pinky finger. As tiny as a pinky finger is, it can pack a real punch to productivity when you have no use of your left hand at all.

All of this compounded into an absence that was both unintended and longer than I wish it had been. But i am back now to pick up where I left off with tons of new content coming your way! Thanks for being patient with me.