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Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Eye and Face Palettes – Fierce Face Fridays

On Fierce Face Friday my aim is to share with you a makeup or skin care item(s), technique, tip, or tool that makes me feel gorgeous. I hope these little nuggets will inspire you to try something new or tell me about something that works for you. Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below. If you have a Fierce Face topic you’d like me to cover, feel free to reach to me directly and I will make every attempt to feature that topic in a future post. Today,
I will be sharing my review of the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow & Cheek Palettes.

I didn’t mean to buy this palette! Recently while shopping at Ulta with Mr. SiL he spotted it across the store. “PIRATES,” Mr. SiL exclaimed, “you need that!” Prior to seeing it at the store, I am sad to say these palettes weren’t even on my radar until I found them in my basket. I have to admit I agreed with Mr. SiL, I needed it.

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Photo shows the outside of the package of the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Po Eyeshadow Palette
The black and gold package is striking.

The Details:

The Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow palette containing 18 eyeshadow shades. There are both shimmer shadows and matte shadows in the mix and they are all Lorac’s Pro formula.

The palette also comes with a mini of the Lorac Front of the Line Pro Eye Pencil. The wide array of shades plus the black eye liner, allow you to create the Jack Sparrow eye makeup look of your dreams.

jack sparrow photo
Photo by sandra.scherer

Retailing at $52, the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro EyeShadow Palette is available at Ulta, Amazon, Lorac’s Web site, and even at Kohl’s.

The Packaging:

Lorac knocked this one out of the park. This isn’t a small palette by any stretch of the imagination but I love it. It is a heavy and large palette, probably not the best for travel (although I’ve taken mine with me everywhere lately) but it is beautiful. The packaging is black and gold and just looks so pretty on my makeup shelf. There is also a generously sized mirror. I also really enjoy that each shade is labeled on the packaging.

Photo shows the inside of the eyeshadow palette.
The inside of the palette. The mirror isn’t pictured.

The palette also has a storage spot for the cheek palette, which is just really cool. I am a sucker for gimmicks like this one. But it is quite practical in that I can carry both palettes together. It is heavy when both are together, though. This doesn’t keep me from toting it back and forth on my trips.

Photo shows the compartment built into the eyeshadow palette that can be used to store the cheek palette.
See? The cheek palette goes in here!
Lorac Pro Eyeshadows for quite some time. I love their silky texture and the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette is no exception. The shadows feel almost cool to the touch when swatching. They are very smooth and feel really good on the skin. I swatched them in store and immediately I was enamored of Sea Haze and Cursed and Mr. SiL loved Starry Night and Black Pearl. I have to confess after doing some hand swatches, I was even more convinced I needed this palette!


I took it home and took photos for you guys but I confess I dove in and did a look with it that very night. I used Matte-y, a wonderful neutral off white shade for all over my lid and used, at the request of Mr. SiL, Starry Night and Black Pearl. The shadows applied really easily, as I expected from Lorac pro eyeshadows.

I will warn you there is a decent amount of fallout from the pan. Definitely tap your brush before applying. I didn’t experience an inordinate amount of shadow falling onto my cheeks but I might have had I not tapped. So be aware.

The pigment in the shadows is very good and I had no problem building to a dark color. The Sea Haze is gorgeous and I wish I had left more of it in the final look. It also blends really well, which is good and bad. Of course I want an eyeshadow to be easy to blend. However, if you aren’t careful, you can lose any definition between colors as they will combine together into something pretty — but maybe not what you wanted.

The eye liner glides on easily and is a very true black. It doesn’t last forever in the water line so I wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose but it is really pretty and easy to use otherwise.

I think the colors would be lovely on many skin tones as well.

Photo shows Erin wearing colors from the eyeshadow palette
A quick look using Starry Night and Black Pearl

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette:


  • Sturdy, well made, and lovely packaging with a HUGE mirror
  • Includes a bonus mini black eyeliner
  • Contains 18 beautiful and unique colors
  • Applies easily and are nicely pigmented


  • The $52 price tag is an investment
  • Large packaging means it is not especially travel friendly
  • There is some fallout from the shadows
  • Pan size of each individual eyeshadow is small

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette

Photo shows the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette
The cheek palette has complementary (and perhaps even prettier) packaging

The Details:

A companion to the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette, the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette contains blushes and highlighters.

The palette contains three of the of the Lorac Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Destined, Fortune, and Star Reader. It also contains three Lorac Color Source Buildable Blush in Lost Soul, Caribbean, and Bold Spirit.

This palette retails for $30 and can be found all of the same places as the eyeshadow palette.

The Packaging

Photo shows the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean

I like the packaging on this palette even more than the eyeshadow palette. It continues the eye catching black and gold scheme. This palette has a mirror too, which is great. It is very sturdy and, since it is considerably smaller than the other palette, this is much more portable.

As I mentioned above, it also fits into the slot on the eyeshadow palette so you can conveniently carry them together.

Photo shows the cheek palette inserted into the eyeshadow palette's storage container.
A convenient storage spot for your cheek palette.

The Formula:

I wasn’t sure I needed this palette even after I decided I couldn’t live without the eyeshadows but Mr. SiL convinced me. There wasn’t a tester out at Ulta so I was taking a chance and I am glad I did.

I haven’t tried the Lorac highlighters or blushes before but I LOVE the formula. It is so soft and silky. It glides on effortlessly and is both buildable and blendable. That’s not to say the shades are pigmented – they are. But they are easy to manage and manipulate into the look you want.


Because I am so pale, I don’t use these exactly as intended. All three highlighters work pretty well as intended. Star Reader is my pick for my normal highlighting, for days when I want it to be obvious I am wearing it but not too ostentatious. I wear Destined when I want to be more subdued. Fortune is my go-to when I want to be seen from space. They are all beautiful but Fortunate is intense. The tiniest amount results in extreme glow. I adore it. The other two can be built up for intensity or applied lightly for more conservative results.

As for the blushes, I am able to use Lost Soul as a contour. Neutral toned shades look good on me (I’ve seen this shade noted as warm but it looks more neutral on me) so this works nicely. I love Caribbean as a blush. It is definitely pigmented and I need a gentle hand, but the color is SO pretty and it doesn’t look clownish on me. Bold Spirit is really gorgeous but is too metallic to be an effective blush on my skin and too dark for a highlight. So I use it sparingly as a blush topper or as an eyeshadow.

I really love this cheek palette, it is so versatile. In a pinch, it could be used as my eyeshadow, blush, highlight, and contour. Unfortunately, this works best for fair to medium skin tones. I could see about half of the colors not being the best for darker skin.

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette:


  • Beautiful and well made packaging with a nice mirror.
  • Highly pigmented shades
  • Almost no fallout from the pain
  • Applies gorgeously for a flawless finish
  • Versatile products can have multiple uses
  • Generous pan size
  • Fits into the eyeshadow palette for easy travel


  • Not suitable for all skin tones
  • Large packaging means it is not especially travel friendly

Both of these palettes wear all day or night with no fading or streaking. Yes, the theme makes them arguably a bit of a gimmick but the product is phenomenal. I highly recommend both of these products.

As an additional note, I also wanted to pick up the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Lip Duo in Sparrow but my Ulta was sold out. Sadly, so is Amazon as well as the Lorac web site. I finally found it a few days ago at Kohls but haven’t been able to try it yet.

Have you tried any of the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean products? What did you think? Do you like the idea of the movie/makeup idea?

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