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Browning Ladies Summit Shotgun Vest + Reactar G2 Gel Insert – Tactical Tool Tuesday

On Tactical Tool Tuesday I will share with you a tool aimed at improving your life as a Woman Who Shoots. I’ll always give you my honest opinion, regardless of how I obtain the item. If you know of something you’d like me to review or discuss, please drop me a line or leave a comment below. Today I will be telling you about the Browning Ladies Summit Shotgun Vest and Reactar G2 gel insert.

If someone made me pick my favorite shooting activity I would say clay shooting. I love it all but something about standing in the open air shouldering my shotgun and taking aim at the little orange circle takes me straight to my happy place. There is nothing else like it. Shooting sporting clays at a course is my idea of a fun day. But it does take gear. Today, I’ll share with you my favorite bit of gear for shooting clays, the Browning Ladies Summit Vest with the Reactar G2 gel insert.

What is it?

The Browning Ladies Summit Shotgun Vest is a well, vest, designed to help you carry your extra shells when you shoot clays. I chose this one as I really love the sage and pink colors of it as well as the fit. The pink is a nice, muted salmon color, which says “this is a vest for woman” without resorting to hot pink or Barney purple. It also has waist shaping that makes it flattering on my figure. While looking like a super model isn’t my number one priority while shooting, I do like to look pretty good. This vest looks good and is functional.

Erin Wearing a Browning Ladies Shooting Vest

The Summit Vest has two large pockets on the front which I usually use to store extra shells so I can just grab them out of my pocket when I’m in the shooting stand without issue. It also has a pouch-like pocket in the back with an access point on either side. I like to put my phone, lipstick, and other things I might need here. I think traditionally, this pouch is used for carrying fowl after you shoot it. My targets were never alive so I can use this for other purposes.

Best of all, the Summit Vest has a pocket on either side for Browning’s Reactar G2 gel insert. This little rectangle is what allows me to keep shooting for hours. Despite the fact that I shoot 20 gauge, my shoulder still gets tired and definitely bruises after hundreds of shots. This recoil pad minimizes the pain and damage. I don’t care who you are, a shotgun pushing back into the space between your collarbone and shoulder socket starts to hurt after awhile. This discretely allows you to look way more tough than you are. The vest can accommodate it on either side so even left handed shooters are in luck.

The Reactar 2 Insert

The vest comes in 3 color combinations, sage & pink like mine, plum & dark grey, and brown and cinnamon, so you have options to match your hat and shoes. The price ranges by size and color but the vest can usually be found for around $60. The Reactar G2 Gel Insert is another $18. So this isn’t the cheapest combination available but it is my favorite.

Why Use a Vest?

At sporting clays course, you’ll likely need to haul a hundred or so shells around depending on the number of stations. It can be annoying to bring an ammo can from stage to stage. Many people, including me, prefer to just fill their pockets with shells and then they are ready to go!

It also gives you a discreet place to put your gel insert to avoid shoulder bruising. Plus, it is extra pocket space. This is especially great if you are also wearing the 511 Tactical Raven Leggings, as they have no stinking pockets.

Browning Reactar 2 Side View
The Reactor 2 is thin enough to not feel bulky in the shoulder pocket, yet provides enough shock absorption for a whole day at the range

Plus, it makes you look cool. I like looking cool.

The Cons and Things to Keep in Mind

The Browning Ladies Summit Vest does run small and you want it to be loose. So size up. I have a medium and even at my lowest weight it works well for me. So don’t be vain on this one, get the right size!

The zipper on mine is also a bit fiddly. It’s not a huge hassle but if you had to get it off and on quick, or aren’t good with zippers in the first place, I could see this being a consideration.

Browning Ladies Summit Shotgun Vest with Reactar G2 Gel Insert :


  • Waist shaping is flattering for a woman’s figure
  • Comes in a few cute color combinations
  • Plenty of pocket space for shells and lipstick alike
  • Vented back keeps it cooler in warm weather
  • Has space for the gel insert, which is really a great tool for helping you shoot all day


  • On the more expensive side for a Ladies shooting vest
  • Zipper can be a bit annoying
  • Runs small… size up

Do you wear a shooting vest when you shoot clays? Which is your favorite? How about a gel insert? Are there other options I should be trying? Let me know in the comments!

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