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The Mystical, Magical Art of Double Cleansing

In one of my very first posts, I mentioned my double cleansing routine. I’ve been doing it for about six months now after it kept popping up in posts and videos by people whose opinions I trust. I am fascinated by Asian Beauty (Korean skin care in particular) and double cleansing is a very popular part of the routines advocated by many Asian Beauty gurus and experts. But what is it? How does it work? Why should you try? Read on…

What is Double Cleansing

It is exactly what the name indicates, you cleanse your face twice. No, I don’t mean use your face wash twice. You COULD do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it. With double cleansing, the idea is to use an oil cleanser first, to remove makeup and get the vast majority of the surface dirt off your face. For my purposes, I have been using the Tatcha 1-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. After you massage this into your face to break up all of the makeup, you add water to emulsify and rinse it off.

After rinsing, you use a second cleanser to clean off everything that’s left. I recommend a low PH cleanser that won’t irritate your skin. There are a million you can choose from and I will share some to consider later but I have been using both the Cetaphil Dermacontrol Foam Wash and the Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser. Use this as per the label, rinse off and move on to the remainder of your skin care routine.

It’s that easy. Note, I only double cleanse at night. In the morning, I just use micellar water to remove any excess product from the night before.

Why Double Cleanse

I don’t know about you, but I like my skin to feel clean after I wash it. Some people advocate using only water on your face and I have tried that but I just felt gross. My skin didn’t like it much, either. I have pretty good skin but not washing it does lead to dull skin and clogged pores.

On the other hand, if I blast my skin clean using a harsh cleanser, it feels clean but also tight and sometimes it stings. Plus, I then have red and itchy spots which then turn into dry patches that my makeup clings too. It isn’t pretty.

For me, double cleansing is the best of both worlds. I am able to get my skin well and truly clean without sacrificing moisture. At the end of my cleansing and toning routine at night, I am confident all of the makeup I put on in the morning is gone and my skin is ready to absorb the other products I feed it. Since I started double cleansing, my skin is clearer, my pores are less noticeable, and my skin has a glow it didn’t have before. Some of this is due to the serums, moisturizers, masks, and essences, but i feel double cleansing creates a base upon which those other products can really work.

IANA Scientist or Dermatologist but I think this works so well because the oil cleanser is really better than the foaming cleanser at removing makeup and dirt but it leaves a bit of an oily film behind. Afterwards the foaming cleanser really works to remove the oil cleanser. Regardless, since I started doing it, I am feeling clean and clear skinned.

On What Type of Skin Does Oil Cleansing Work Best?

I think most types of skin will benefit from this method of cleansing. With that said, you’ll want to pick products that work best for your skin type. If you have very oily skin, you’ll want to pick a second cleanser that helps your skin with oil control and if you are very dry, you’ll want to make sure to use something that doesn’t overly strip your skin. As with all cleansers, one size fits all is likely not the rule here.

Regardless of your skin type, you want to make sure you pick a low PH cleanser for your second step. Remember, the average PH of skin is 4.5. Stay in that area. You usually check this by googling the cleanser you want and “PH.” Chances are, another blogger has tested this for you. In an emergency, you can buy PH test strips on Amazon. Or, you can just go with the Cetaphil cleanser mentioned above. It’ll work for pretty much everyone.

Other Product Options

That Tatcha cleansing oil ain’t cheap, I hear ya. I have some other options I have been looking at as well. This Brooklyn Botany Camellia Oil is only $13. Simple (who make my favorite micellar water) also make a version for just over $8. For a medium price level, Burts Bees makes an oil with coconut and argan oils and I’ve heard good things about the Banila Clean it Zero.

For a second cleanser, I have been eyeing this CosRX cleanser as well as the Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser Stick. But again, the Cetaphil cleanser listed above does the job and is inexpensive.

As for me, my next purchase will be the Pixi by Petra + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse.

A Final Note

Not every method works for every person and this is no exception. When I told my dermatologist I was double cleansing she warned me to watch my skin for dehydration, and I have been. I try and feed my skin from the inside with as much water as I can ingest and from the outside with products that provide moisture.

Keep an eye on your skin and if this doesn’t work for you, that’s ok. Some people feel best with just water. Do what works for you.

Have you tried double cleansing? What products do you use? How has it changed your skin?