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Featured Firearm Friday – The Walther PPQ M2 Navy

On Featured Firearm Friday, I will tell you all about a firearm I either own and love or don’t own (yet) but covet. I’ll tell you about what I shoot in competition, carry, and just take to the the range for practice. As time goes on, I hope to also be able to tell you what’s new and awesome. Please feel free to ask any specific questions about what I review. I’d also love to hear your suggestions for what I should be trying and talking about on Shooting In Lipstick. Today’s featured firearm is the Walther PPQ M2 Navy

This pistol should sound familiar by now as I mention it often. Mr. SiL shoots the Walther PPQ M2 Navy at Steel Challenge and I shoot it at a 3 Gun (he does as well). I talk about it often because it has really done well for us and I it is honestly one of my favorite pistols. I suppose it is time I give you some additional details about why we love the PPQ Navy so much.

Why Did We Pick the Walther PPQ M2 Navy

A couple of years ago while visiting family in North Carolina, Mr. SiL and I visited a range to test out some 9mm pistols. The person at the rental desk at the range suggested we try the Walther PPQ M2 Navy as he thought it was amazing. We decided to rent it along with a few others to try.

I suppose it says something that I honestly cannot recall the other 9mm pistols we tried that day. From the first shot, both Mr. SiL and I were completely enamored of the PPQ Navy. From the easy and smooth trigger squeeze to the low recoil, this was a winner from shot one. I announced I wanted one immediately.

We went home and did some research. The video below sold us completely. If you have the time to watch it, please do. The Greek Special Forces put this pistol through the paces. They tortured it and it was still reliable. It is incredible, and very impressive to see. German engineering at its finest.

A few months later, when contemplating what stock auto option to shoot at Steel Challenge, Mr. SiL hunted down and picked up his version. Some time later, when we decided to try 3 Gun, I picked up mine. I felt absolutely no desire to buy another 9mm pistol for competition. Even if we are a bit matchy-matchy (something we usually try to avoid).

Fun fact: sometimes you’ll see the pistol referred to as the PPQ M2 Navy SD. The SD stands for Schalldämpfer, which is German for “Sound Dampener” or “suppressor”. This moniker only applies to the Navy version of the PPQ M2, as the threaded barrel makes it suppressor ready.

Specifications of the Walther PPQ M2 Navy

Walther PPQ M2 Navy

Caliber .9mm Luger
Action Semi-Auto
Magazine Capacity Comes with 1×15 & 1×17
Sights Adjustable 3 Dot Polymer
Weight 1.56 lbs (25 oz)
Barrel Length 4.6″
Overall Length 7.8″
Safety 3 Passive
MSRP $699

What’s to Love About the Walther PPQ M2 Navy

There is so much I love about the PPQ Navy. The most obvious is it comes with a threaded barrel, which is really convenient if you own, want to own, or think you might someday want to own, a suppressor. I’ll talk more in a later post about how useful suppressors can be and how Hollywood has ruined the public understanding of how they work. Suffice it to say, I think having a suppressor ready firearm is a benefit.

The trigger on the PPQ Navy is also a positive attribute. It is like butter. The trigger pull is listed as 5.6lbs, which is pretty typical of comparable 9mm pistols but something about it is just smoother. The “reset” is also VERY short for a stock trigger, meaning that after you fire a round, you only have to release the trigger a very small amount before the trigger “resets” and you are ready to fire another round.

Erin wearing PPQ M2 Navy on battle belt during 3 gun match
You can tell it’s my PPQ thanks to the sticker on the holster.

If you like the white dot sights, which I do, the PPQ Navy is also ready for accurate shooting out of the box. You’ll want to take it to the range and adjust the sights as needed, of course, but it doesn’t need significant upgrades to be accurate and awesome.

It’s also easy to clean, which I appreciate. The disassembly and reassembly is intuitive and uncomplicated. It also breaks down far enough for you to get into the nooks and crannies to get it really clean. If you are the kind of person that likes to take “field strip for cleaning” a step or two further than what’s in the manual, a BIG plus is that you can get to the striker assembly without any special tools. There’s no good excuse for a dirty gun in general but especially when you have a PPQ.

The Skinny on What’s Not Great about the Walther PPQ M2 Navy

There’s really not much. Some people don’t love the white dot sights. Mr. SiL is one of those people. All credit to him for recommending you call Dawson Precision and tell them what you need. Rumor has it they have incredible customer service.

Something I don’t find to be a huge problem for my purposes but I can see being an issue for others is that the PPQ Navy has no active safety. For shooting competition, this is not a huge deal as the pistol is only being handled when you are actively using it. For concealed carry, this might not be what you prefer. Some people are totally ok carrying a pistol with only passive safeties but others aren’t. This is something to consider.

Other than that the only drawback is the PPQ Navy can be more difficult to find than the other Walther PPQ models, with the exception of the Q5 Match, a competition focused version of the PPQ. Obviously, we have found it – twice – but it did take some calling around.

Have you tried the Walther PPQ M2 Navy? What did you think? I really love this pistol and I am happy to have it in my collection.

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