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5.11 Tactical Raven Range “Tight” – Tactical Tool Tuesday

On Tactical Tool Tuesday I will share with you a tool aimed at improving your life as a Woman Who Shoots. I’ll always give you my honest opinion, regardless of how I obtain the item. If you know of something you’d like me to review or discuss, please drop me a line or leave a comment below. Today’s Tactical Tool is the 5.11 Tactical Raven Range Tight

As far as tactical tools go, this is one you’ll almost never see me at the range without. I love leggings. I confess I own more than a few pairs of Lularoe leggings with all sorts of random food and animal prints. If I could wear them every day and be appropriate, I would. You can guess then, that when 5.11 Tactical announced at Shot Show in 2016 they were releasing range leggings, I knew I had to have them.

What are Range Tights Anyway?

Well, first of all, they aren’t tights. I really don’t know what 5.11 was thinking when they named these the Raven Tactical “Tights”. Tights cover the legs but are usually sheer (even opaque tights usually allow some hint of skin through) and have feet. They are always worn with something over them. ALWAYS. Ballerinas wear tights with their leotards and I wear tights under dresses during the winter.

Leggings, Tights, and Men in Tights
Leggings, Tights, and Men in Tights… Everyone on the same page now?

Leggings, on the other hand, are footless and thick enough to be worn over your legs without something covering them. There is some debate about how long a shirt should be when worn with leggings but that’s another argument for another day. The products made by 5.11 Tactical are most definitely leggings – not tights. I don’t know what they were thinking. I’ll be calling them leggings from now on.

The Raven leggings are made of a thick stretchy material (ponte knit). They fit tightly but are breathable and comfortable. They have abrasion panels at the knees for kneeling and sliding (important if you shoot 3 Gun, IDPA, or just like to move when you practice). They come in two lengths, the regular length and capri length. I only own the longer leggings but I intend to purchase the capris soon. The pants come in Tundra (olive) and black.

Decked out in 3-Gun Battle Belt, Tactical Leggings, and Lightweight Sneakers
Decked out in 3-Gun Battle Belt, 5.11 Raven Tactical Leggings, and Lightweight Sneakers

Why Would I Want Them

Most importantly, because they are extremely comfortable. Since I first got mine, I have worn them to the range exclusively and cannot imagine shooting a day of competition in anything else. They are just perfect for throwing on and forgetting about them. They aren’t too clingy, don’t fall down, don’t bag or sag, and make your butt look good.

They are also practical. They fit well, match with most of your range appropriate shirts, and hold up to even the muddiest of days at the range. They even have belt loops so you could strap on your favorite belt for some added support. I’m not a lover of belts myself, so I mostly use the belt loops to hike the pants up on my hips. Your mileage may vary.

In all honesty, if you are looking for something easy, rugged, fashionable, comfortable, and machine washable to wear to the range these fit the bill. I feel confident in them, they move with me and allow me to concentrate on my shooting. Plus, they breathe better than jeans in warmer weather and keep me warmer than jeans in cold weather. The material is moisture wicking and odor repellant and they fit up to a pants size 20. I wear a jeans size 6 and the small fit me perfectly. They run true to the size on the chart. The inseam is 26.5 and hits me right at my ankle with no bagging.

What’s Not to Like?

Other than the unfortunate name of the 5.11 Tactical Raven Range “Tight” the biggest drawback is price. At $89.99 for the regular length and $84.99 for the capri length, these leggings have a hefty price tag. If you pay attention, you can find these on sale but I have never seen them for less than $70. They are an investment. I finally decided that I was wearing them often enough to justify the cost per wear. I wish they were a bit more reasonable, ponte knit isn’t that expensive.

Also, while these are machine washable, I do notice they start to pill a bit after several washes. It is nothing a good sweater stone won’t fix but it is annoying nevertheless.

My only other complaint is the lack of pockets. Women need pockets too!

If you have the room in your budget for a pair or two of these, I highly recommend them. And did I mention they make your butt look great?

5.11 Tactical Raven Range Tight:


  • Well made and comfortable
  • Runs true to size
  • Stain resistant and moisture wicking
  • Rich pigment that blends easily and applies well with and without a primer
  • Very figure flattering


  • Expensive
  • Fabric may pill after multiple uses
  • Limited color range
  • No pockets

Have you checked out the Raven Tight? Do you think they are worth the price? What do you wear to the range?

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