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Combat Flip Flops Shemagh – Tactical Tool Tuesday

On Tactical Tool Tuesday I will share with you a tool aimed at improving your life as a Woman Who Shoots. I’ll always give you my honest opinion, regardless of how I obtain the item. If you know of something you’d like me to review or discuss, please drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Have I mentioned that Mr. SiL is a veteran? Thank for your service, darling. Also, my dad is a veteran. Other veterans include my Grandpa and several of my uncles. My family has a long history of serving. I am incredibly grateful for the sacrifices they made. Because of this history and deep connection to the military, Mr. SiL and I love to support Veteran owned and run businesses.

I don’t recall how we first found out about Combat Flip Flops except that Mr. SiL was one day very excited about new flip flops and the incredible organization that makes them. A few months later and we owned one of almost everything they make. I have a Standard Issue Sarong from their very first run in “Night Vision” that I wore on our honeymoon and we both have multiple pairs of flip flops. As a matter of fact, I am staring at Mr. SiL’s AR-15’s (which it doesn’t look like are made any more) as I write this post. We really love Combat Flip Flops, from their mission (more on that in a minute) to their well made products. However, there is one item they manufacture we are never caught without, the shemagh.

Erin Wearing Combat Flip Flops Night Vision Sarong
Rocking my CFF Night Vision Sarong on a Boat!

What on Earth is a Shemagh

Smaller than a sarong but larger than a scarf, a shemagh is a piece of woven cloth in a square shape. Most are 44″ x 44.” Their origin is in the Middle East and are what you traditionally see wrapped around the heads or necks of people in the Middle East. In fact it is the traditional headscarf of many Arab nations. This bit of heavy woven material has a number of practical uses.

Ask almost any US military member who has been deployed to the Middle East and they will quickly tell you either they or someone they know wouldn’t go anywhere without a shemagh. In places like Afghanistan and Iraq, there is always dust in the air and having something portable to keep that dust out of your eyes, mouth, and hair is a heaven send. Because of these harsh conditions, some militaries issue shemaghs to their troops deployed in these dusty places.

Shemaghs come in many colors and styles. “Typical” military colors like olive and tan seem to be the most popular. In fact, if you have seen any of the videos on my You Tube Channel, you’ve seen one of my Combat Flip Flops Shemaghs on the table.

I Don’t Live in the Middle East! How Can a Shemagh Help Me?

Many ways. We keep a shemagh in the range bag at all times. Also, we have two in the back of our vehicle for times when we don’t have a range bag with us. Below are just a few things for which we have used our shemaghs:

  • The obvious use as a scarf on a cooler day to keep us warm
  • Dampened and used to keep me cool on a hot day
  • Draped over my shoulders to prevent being hit with hot brass while standing very close to someone I am teaching
  • Wrapped around something I want to keep safe from the other contents in my bag
  • To wipe sweat off a hot brow
  • Wrapped around a wound to stop bleeding (I’m not making this up)
  • Tied at the corners to create a make shift bag for range snacks
  • As ground cover so I didn’t have to sit in the dirt
  • As a fashionable accessory with my winter coat

I’ve never had to use mine as dust protection, concealment, clothing, a privacy shield, or as a pillow or towel, but I could see it working for those purposes as well. A shemagh is incredibly useful to have around.

What Makes the Combat Flip Flops Shemagh Special?

You can buy a shemagh many places. Amazon has them for $10 in many colors and patterns. Why do we choose to purchase ours exclusively from Combat Flip Flops? There are a number of reasons. First, the shemaghs they make are really nicely made. We have had our oldest one for about 3 years and they still look as good as when we first bought them.

Another reason is Mr. SiL and I truly believe in their mission. Combat Flip Flops was started by two US Army Rangers who spent some time in Afghanistan and saw that the people there had unlimited potential to make excellent products and do great things. In Addition, they make their products in places where people need the hand up to learn skills and earn a living. Also, they partner with The Aid Afghanistan For Education Foundation to provide education for women and girls in Afghanistan for each and every product they sell. When you buy a CFF Standard Issue Shemagh you contribute one day of education for an Afghan girl. There aren’t many causes I support with more fervor than nurturing these girls.

As if that weren’t enough, the shemaghs are stunning. We have several colors of the Standard Issue and we also have a few of the gorgeous black and white Operation Hawkeye shemagh which further gives proceeds to The Station Foundation, which helps our Special Operations Forces with re-entry to the world after service. In addition, some proceeds of the sale go to The Team 5 Medical Foundation, which is a bit like Doctors With Borders on Steroids. Team 5 sends medical professional directly into the places other people won’t go. These brave people fight through extreme circumstances to provide education, medical assistance, and supplies to people who otherwise wouldn’t get it. Both of these organizations are incredibly inspiring.

Erin Wearing The Operation Hawkeye Shemagh
The Operation Hawkeye Shemagh

Are you beginning to see why we choose these shemaghs over all the others?

Combat Flip Flops Shemagh:


  • Inexpensive tool that takes up little space but serves many purposes
  • Puts your money to work for GREAT causes
  • Supports a veteran owned business
  • Protects you from dust, rain, and hot brass
  • Very fashionable


  • Must be purchased online so you’ll have to trust us that it is fabulous
  • So popular they sometimes sell out

If you are looking for something really beautiful that can go from the range to a fancy dinner, check out the casmagh. Mr. SiL has one and it is like being wrapped in a cloud. Plus, the sale puts an Afghan girl in school for a full month! As for me, I have my eye on the Gunner Shemagh.

Do you own a shemagh? How do you use yours? Did you see the Combat Flip Flops guys on Shark Tank? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!