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Wash Off The Range Cleansers

About a week ago I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and noticed a non-trivial amount of gunpowder smeared across my left cheek. Rolling my eyes, I tried to wipe it away. This resulted in my face having a very different contour effect than the one I left the house wearing. “This CAN’T be good for my skin,” I thought as I swiped fruitlessly at the smudges. I suddenly couldn’t wait to go home and wash my face.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (hey, follow me on Instagram) has likely seen a photo of my hands caked in all sorts of range grime following a long sessions of gun cleaning. Shooting can be dirty. Much of it is done outside, so there is dirt, sand, pollen, and other fun parts of nature combined with the gun powder, grease, and gun oil that come with the sport of shooting. I almost never leave the range feeling anything less than gross, even when my makeup still looks flawless.

Can’t I Just Use My Normal Face Wash?

You absolutely can! I have two sets of cleansers, however. One I use for range days and one I use for days when my activities contain a little less grime. My range cleansers are a little tougher and are in circulation because they can take gunpowder off my nose. Currently, I had two in heavy rotation. However, I found out that one of them, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, upon researching the ingredients, contains microbreads. Because of their impact on the environment, I don’t advocate the use of microbeads in any products. As such, I can’t recommend the Aveeno. Johnson & Johnson has vowed to stop using these materials by the end of 2017 so I hope they will produce an even better product I can recommend then.

I have one extremely awesome power cleanser that will get you clean as a whistle after a long day living the Pew Pew Life. When I follow it up with some micellar water and a good moisturizer, I feel as good as new.

Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash

Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash
Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash

I got this next product in a Mishibox. If you want to know more about this cool subscription service, I have an unboxing video here! A few months ago, they sent the Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash. I didn’t use it immediately but once I did, it was love.

What is it?

This cleanser is made in Korea is, according to Skin Watchers’ marketing, the first enzyme wash made there. It is made from papaya enzymes that activate when you add water. Enzymes have been found to help break down the top layer of your skin (which is mostly made of dead skin cells) so you can wash it away, leaving brighter and prettier looking skin behind.

The product itself is a fine white powder. You dump a little bit in your hand and add lukewarm water. Use your hands to mix the powder with the water and it turns into a nice bubbly lather. Just massage it into your face and watch the day come right off. Skin Watchers claims if you leave the product on your face for a minute, it will kill the germs on your face. I’m not clear on the science of this claim but I thought I would share it. Let me know if you know anything about if this could be true.

Skin Watchers Enyzme Powder Wash - Crystals & Lather
Skin Watchers Enyzme Powder Wash Crystals Lather

The product has almost no scent at all. The only way I can think to describe it is “soap.” It just smells sort of clean. There is clearly no fragrance added, which I don’t mind although I confess I do like a pretty smelling product. Skin Watchers claims this also has skin brightening properties. As dull skin and uneven pigment aren’t issues I worry about overmuch, I haven’t really noticed if this is true. They also claim it does not dry your skin and nourishes it due to Betaine, which is supposed to naturally moisturize the skin. A full ingredients list is up at CosDNA. I always put at least a moisturizer on after cleaning but I can attest that I haven’t noticed any tightness, itching, or dryness after using this product.

Where can I get it and what does it cost>

I have found the Skin Watcher’s Enzyme Powder Wash for sale in a few places. It is available from Skin Watchers at Amazon for about $20 dollars shipped at the time of this writing. It is about the same on Mishibox. Beauty Net Korea sells it at a much lower price of about $12 but there is the added inconvenience of international shipping and you’ll pay quite a bit to expedite it. If you want to pick up several things, though, this might be a good option. You’re looking at around $20 all in, which is a bit more than you’d pay for a basic cleanser at the drug store. For what you get, though, I highly recommend this cleanser.

Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash:


  • Removes all traces of dirt and grime
  • Easy to transport making it ideal for travel
  • Nice creamy lather with little to no scent
  • Transparent ingredient list with brightening and nourishing properties


  • Not inexpensive
  • No frills scent and formula makes this more utilitarian than luxurious

Have you tried the Skin Watchers Enzyme Powder Wash? What did you think? Have you tried another powder wash you swear by or have a Ride or Die grime removing recommendation? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you.