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McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader – Tactical Tool Tuesday

On Tactical Tool Tuesday I will share with you a tool aimed at improving your life as a Woman Who Shoots. I’ll always give you my honest opinion, regardless of how I obtain the item. If you know of something you’d like me to review or discuss, please drop me a line or leave a comment below.

What is the McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader?

In short, the McFadden is a tool to help you reload the magazines of certain .22 pistols much faster. Shortly after we acquired the Ruger Mark III Hunter, Mr. SiL and I were watching some You Tube videos on it when someone in one of those videos picked up a contraption and started quickly reloading the magazines. “What IS that?” I exclaimed and we rolled it back and watched again. After some poking about on the internet, we discovered the loader in question is the McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader. After watching a few more videos, I knew I wanted…nay, NEEDED, this little tool.

I told you a few weeks back about my love of the UpLULA for my 9mm and .45ACP but alas, the UpLULA doesn’t work for .22 Long Rifle. At Steel Challenge, I shoot both .22 and 9mm, so I need a tool for both. For those events, I pack two tools and they are equally awesome at their jobs.

Why Do I Want It?

Many people use this kind of speed reloader for .22 magazines. It works ok, I suppose. It is certainly compact. But it doesn’t hold a candle to the McFadden.

If you find yourself pressed for time to reload magazines, or simply don’t enjoy doing so, this is something you need. It makes much quicker work of the task and takes very little thought and attention to do correctly. Once it is set up and functioning, I can load a full stage of magazines in less than a minute and be ready to assist with score-keeping, painting targets, or whatever else I am called upon to do during a match.

Even if you don’t compete or shoot at matches, this tool shaves time off your practice by allowing you to deal efficiently with the nuisance of reloading mags. It is great. If you have one of these compatible pistols pistols, you will benefit from owning the McFadden.

How Does it Work?

The McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader works unlike any other speed reloader I have seen on the market. I’ll insert a video below to show you how it works but I will also explain as best I can. You drop the .22 rounds into the top of the cliploader, spray a little oil the first time you use it and every 10 or so times after that (I normally use CLP but I have also used WD40 in a pinch), shake the rounds into the channel at the bottom of the device, insert your magazine, tip it so the guide line is horizontal, and the rounds fall into the magazine. Zip Zip Zip.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to use. It takes a bit of getting used to, mainly to get the magazine lined up well enough to have the rounds drop effortlessly in. But once you have it down, this works like a charm.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

A few. First, it does take some finagling to get it set up correctly. I mentioned previously, it takes some lubrication the first time to get the rounds sliding into the channel freely. And then there is the magazine adjustment screw, which takes some work to get it set to the correct depth so that the rounds flow into the magazine without binding. Likely the McFadden will not work perfectly out of the box. You will have to do some fiddling. Luckily, there are instructions on their website on how to adjust the screws. With a little fiddling and a dab of CLP, I was ready to go. Sometimes the 11th round continues to fall out even after I have adjusted the McFadden. I just throw it back in the top.

This also isn’t a small tool. It takes up quite a bit of space in your range bag. I keep mine in a large ammo can with my ammo but this isn’t something you can throw in your pocket. You’ll need to make sure you budget the room for it in your packing plan.

The only other drawback is more of a small nuisance. The McFadden is noisy to use. You are pretty regularly shaking rounds into the dispensing channel, which makes a loud rattle. So if you don’t like to call attention to yourself, beware.

The McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader comes in amber, blue, green, and clear (mine’s Amber) and can be purchased directly from their website for $22.50 or from Amazon for as little as $18.50. It is very affordable and will last for years if you take care of it.

And now – The Elephant in the Room

I am aware it bother many people this is called a Cliploader when it pretty clearly reloads magazines. It bothered me a little too (although I try not to be too Judgey McJudgerbritches about terms). But as I researched this post, I realized they pretty clearly know what a magazine is as they use the term correctly over and over again in their product descriptions.

I looked up the exact definition of a clip and it is typically defined as “a device used to store individual rounds of ammunition together as a single unit that is then ready for insertion into the magazine of a gun.”

My theory is the clip in Cliploader refers to the device, which arrange the multiple rounds into one row ready to be inserted into a magazine, as opposed to what is ultimately being loaded. Mr. SiL thinks this is a stretch but its my theory. I made you a picture to illustrate!

Photo of the McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader with a circle around the round dispensary area with an arrow explaining could be considered a clip.
See! It’s a clip…that loads into the magazine!

McFadden Machine Ultimate Cliploader:


  • Provides the fastest way I have found to load magazines for your .22 pistol
  • One piece product makes for ease of transport
  • Holds a large number of rounds
  • Comes in a few inoffensive colors
  • Can be used as a percussion instrument in a pinch


  • Doesn’t work perfectly right out of the box and takes some tweaking
  • The large size means it takes up precious range bag space
  • Makes a whole bunch of noise while using
  • Only works for some .22 pistols

In summation, if you have a pistol that works with this tool, you should be one.