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Micellar Water – For Science Saturday

On “I Tried It For Science Saturday” I will try something new – so you don’t have to try it. Let’s just say I did it for science! I likely won’t use the scientific method, develop a hypothesis, or write up a formal theory but I will tell you what I think. Close enough, right?

If there is one thing I am pretty sure we all do (or we should) it is wash our faces. I wash mine four or so times a day (because I double cleanse…haha…GOT YOU…and more on that in another post) even when I don’t feel so well or am having an attack of the L(azy). Because having a clean face is so critical to me, I am always looking for the fastest, easiest, and yet still effective way to erase the makeup, gun powder, and dirt from my skin. When suddenly every beauty blogger, You Tube guru, and fellow drug store makeup shopper began mentioning something called Micellar Water, I was intrigued.

So what IS micellar water? There is some science here and it is pretty interesting. Micellar water is water that contains micelles suspended in it. I know, I know, that is the least helpful description ever. Don’t worry, I’ll further explain. A micelle is a small round molecule made up of an oil that can break down your makeup. it’s an oversimplification but I like to think of it as water with the soap already in it. These micelles attract the dirt, makeup, oil, and other impurities on your face and bind to them, allowing you to sweep them away with the magic of a cotton pad. If you want the real science, check out this article over at Lab Muffin. She explains the sciencey scientific science of it all. I’m just here to tell you if and how it works for me.

Many companies have been coming out with a formula. Drug store brands like Garnier have a popular line of Micellar water products, including wipes and a few different formulas to try for about $10. Over at Sephora, there are a range of products to try. Dior has a more pricey version. If you are really feeling fancy, La Mer also has a micellar water for $50 for the small bottle and a staggering $90 for the larger size. According to reviews, there are some additional ingredients in the La Mer that make it even more beneficial. A wish list item, perhaps?
Micellar water isn’t new. The very astute and cleared skinned French have been using it as a staple in their skin care routine for years. A few years ago it started showing up on shelves at Ulta and your local drugstore. Lately, however, it seems Micellar water is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Never eager to show up too early to a party, I finally decided to give this magical water a whirl.

But which brand did I choose? After watching many You Tube videos and reading many articles on the stuff, I saw an excellent deal on the micellar water made by Simple at Costco. Yes, Costco. The package came with 3 bottle of varying sizes, including a tiny makeup bag sized one. Since I was bulk shopping anyway, I also bought a year’s supply of round cotton pads and carted my purchase home.

Some people advocate using this in lieu of your normal soap and water routine but I wear too much makeup and my skin is too oily in my T Zone for this to be an effective cleanser for night time. I use this as a sort of toner during my nightly routine. I cleanse and make sure my eye makeup is almost completely off and then soak a cotton pad and wipe down my face and neck. It is amazing how much comes off even after cleansing. Then, I finish my skin care routine. There is no need to rinse it off after use this brand leaves no residue or stickiness after drying. I’ve heard some other brands do but I can only comment to the Simple. It’s GREAT!

Some things I have noticed in my experimentation:

  • This will work in place of a soap and water cleanser in the mornings if you have normal, combo, or dry skin. You just sweep away the leftover night moisturizer and any pesky mascara under your eyes and you’re done. If you have super oily skin or if you sweat heavily in your sleep, this might not be the case for you.
  • Micellar water will not remove heavy eye makeup, liquid lipstick, or mascara. You’ll need soap or an eye makeup remover to get that job done.
  • I have very sensitive skin and this product is no more reactionary than water. I think it is pretty safe for all skin types (but please please spot check first to be sure).
  • This is great to have around to fix little oopsies like mascara on your lid or glitter shadow under your eye.
  • In a pinch, this is better than not washing your face at all. For travel, after a long night out, when you are so tired you can barely stand, this product is a delight to have available. I can imagine this would be great for new moms too. Or not-so-new moms too. Or anyone with people/animals who follow them to the bathroom and stare at them with “hurry up” eyes.
  • Micellar water will remove the majority of gunpowder and gun oil from your hands after a firearm cleaning session and is less drying and has fewer unpronounceable ingredients that a wet wipe.

In summation, my official Scientifically Unscientific opinion is this is a fantastic product. There’s no need, that I can see, to run out and buy an expense version. The drugstore version works well and you can even buy it in bulk at Costco. So it is an affordable addition to your skincare routine. Go buy some. Use it.

Do you use micellar water? What’s your favorite brand? Have you tried the La Mer? Has your skin improved drastically through the power of micelles? Let’s shoot the breeze in the comments below. And, as always, if you have questions, concerns, or want to chit chat, feel free sound off in the comments.

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  1. I love the Simple micellar water, and I’ve tried several brands. Can’t wait for the double cleansing post!

    1. It is my favorite so far but I have been looking at some Korean cleansing waters that might turn my head a bit. Thanks for reading and commenting. I know you’ll have some lipsticks to recommend!

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