Welcome to Shooting in Lipstick

Hi There and Welcome to Shooting In Lipstick!

My name is Erin and I am a shooting sports enthusiast. I also love lipstick & fashion. One day, while walking through the booths at a gun show, it occurred to me that there isn’t much out there specifically for people like me. Most of the sales people were men and many of the products marketed for women were not at all to my taste. But I know I am not the only one because statistics show female gun ownership is on the rise. So I did a bit of googling.

It turns out, I couldn’t find one blog to discuss not only which pistols work best for corset holder carrying and fit nicely in smaller hands but also which lipsticks match your uplula and will stay put through a full day at the range. Not only that, but how does a smaller sized person in crimson lip stain navigate the world of responsible and safe gun ownership? What gun should we choose? How should we choose it? Are there tips for negotiating price?

This blog isn’t political and I won’t be seeking to discuss political issues here on a regular basis, although we can discuss them lightly if it is pertinent. This will be a – shall we say “safe space” – to discuss the particulars of being a woman who likes to shoot. I’ll tell you about my experience from buying guns to customizing them. We’ll chat about looking good while being awesome. I’ll share the products, training, and experiences I love and will happily answer any questions anyone has along the way. Maybe we will even get some guest experts in to share knowledge and experience.

Welcome to my corner of the internet, reserved for Bad A$$ marks(wo)men and those who love them. I hope you’ll stick around for my journey. I hope you’ll also follow me on Instagram and Youtube for further discussion and fun.

Kisses and Shells,