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“Girlie” Gear Colors I Would Like to See

Hint: Not this one — Photo by Jinx!

I have a confession to make. I know it is early in our relationship, but I think I should tell you my favorite color is olive drab. I think it is because my Dad was a soldier for most of my formative years and that was a color he wore often. I would steal his OD tees and wear them while watching TV. I think it is the greatest color known to man and I would wear it as lipstick if my boss wouldn’t look askance at me.

With that said, I do appreciate a fine purple, the perfect red, even teal and turquoise. Like most humans of all ilk, I find many colors appealing. I’ll bet if I asked you, you’d have similar responses. None of us are three, and our monochromatic bubble gum pink days are largely behind us (the new Colourpop Collections notwithstanding). But I dare you to search google images for firearms for women right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

What did you see? Likely a sea of Pepto pink, Tiffany blue, and Barney purple. Those marketing folks really have us figured out, eh? Mr. SiL and I laughed our way through a recent gun show because every booth had a tiny .380 ACP in Tiffany blue for the ladies. The good news is they know we are buying, the bad news is I’m not sure they know what we really want. So here’s a handy guide for colors and styles THIS woman would like to see. Please sound off below and let me know what colors you’d line up to buy.

First of all, I have to ask, why Pepto pink? There are a million grown up shades of pink. How about a nice magenta? Remember Rose Quartz, Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year? I’d buy an UpLULA in that color tomorrow.

Rose Quartz

And while we are on the subject of fashion, I’d stand in line to buy a gorgeous chrome pistol with accents of glossy Louboutin Red. Or, for everyday wear, I’d tuck a nice nude colored pistol into my holster to match my perfect nude heels!

Louboutin Red

If purple is a quintessential “girlie color” I would much prefer to see us bring back 2014’s Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. If a brand does decide to just go all out and embrace a lovely glitter unicorn grip, perhaps do a muted one, nothing too garish. Grown-ups are typically a little less Lisa Frank and a little more Tarte.

Radiant Orchid

For blues and greens, there are a plethora of options for the classy lady shooter on the go. From emerald to sapphire, appropriately done jewel tones will make a woman look sexy AND accomplished at the range, and match her eyes to boot.

Now let’s talk accessories. I’m pretty happy with my olive range bags and cases (and I generally stick red rhinestone lip stickers on them anyway, as you will see) but I would instantly scoop up a nice patent leather range bag with gold or silver accents. Satchel in my original hometown of Savannah, GA has the Chatham Gun Case and they can’t keep up with demand. A little distressed leather can go a long way to make many women, me included, feel ultra tough and incredibly feminine at the same time. I wish there were more options for us out there.

Satchel Chatham Gun Case
Satchel Chatham Gun Case

All joking aside, I do wish brands would realize that it is possible to engage women as consumers without assuming that we, as adults, we want to buy firearms to match the theme of the Barbie aisle at our local Toys “R” Us. Firearms, and the gear we buy with them, are incredibly adult purchases. I’m thrilled the brands want to engage us and I hope they will continue to do so; but next time someone gets the urge to design a Tiffany blue line of everything I hope they will remember that we ultimately discard those blue boxes to get the platinum and diamonds inside.

Tiffany Boxes with Ring
It’s what’s inside that counts!

None of this pertains to Kimber, by the way, who with the release of their new special edition Rose Gold Ultra II have knocked it out of the park. Brava, Kimber, you hit a home run with that one. THIS is what a classy lady wants in her leather range bag.

Kimber Rose Gold Ultra II
Kimber Rose Gold Ultra II
  • Alicia Augsburger Parsons

    I have this same issue with motorcycle gear. They are just starting to get things in purple, but it’s that Barney purple. I don’t need my clothing to remind people of a giant purple dinosaur.

    • Right? I am so sorry this is happening in that world too. Ugh.

      • Alicia Augsburger Parsons

        At least they are starting to add more colors. That Ultra II is so pretty. Why can’t more things targeted toward women be like that?

        • I feel like Kimber has always sort of “gotten it” better than most brands. But man oh man did they nail it with that Ultra II. I’d like to shake the designer’s hand. From what I understand, it is a really fine firearm in general.

  • Carrie Santarsiero

    Yes, everything about this. Quite honestly I feel the same way about pink camo; nothing against other women being into it, but for whatever reason it’s tough for me to find camo meant for a lady’s body that isn’t all-over pink. I’d settle for pink accents if that’s what it takes.

    That rose gold Ultra II is gorgeous; handguns are restricted here, but if they made a version of that with glitter rose gold, this girl just might save up for that license.

    Also, I would love to see a Louboutin-inspired gun in satin black, with just a flash of red around the muzzle side of the grip. So fierce.

    • I’d buy that Louboutin gun in a hot second. I know you can have just about anything cerakoted but it would be nice to walk into a shop and see things that are for my grown as$ classy lady side and not just my “ZOMG UNICORNS!” side.

      I hear you on camo. I like small amounts of pink camo (like hats and bags) but I don’t think I’d want to wear it as a major outfit piece on the reg. But some nicely fitted OD camo…yes!

      If that Ultra II had glitter I would eat tinned tuna until I could afford it.